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Contrasting Typefaces

On this post I will be analyzing the font used in the photo above. I chose to use this design from Zazzle. It can be found at

This first font is a Modern font. It has a dramatic thick to thin transition. You can see this best in the letter “V”. The serifs are thin and horizontal. Making the “Save” in all capital letters makes it stand out and gives it an elegant look.

The second font used is the Script style. A larger font size was used and makes it a focal point for the invitation. Script is easy to identify since the font is similar to handlettered writing. I liked that this script was only used once on the invitation. Script style font definitely reminds me of weddings.

The last three lines in the invitation used a Sans Serif style. You can tell this is sans serif because there are no serifs at the end of the letters. The letter thickness is also the same. The first and last of the three lines are smaller font as to not take away from the couples’ names. The couples’ names are in a bigger font and in bold.


I thought this invitation design was well put together. It’s an elegant wedding design that successfully combines three different and contrasting font styles. The combination of the font styles gives off a romantic feel and is visually appealing.