Basic Principles of Design

I will be analyzing these images the four basic elements of design: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity. I will also be analyzing color. This is the poster for the Dark Knight movie and it includes all the elements of design. I’ve provided the link below to credit the photographer/designer.

Designer credit:


The contrast that I see with this image is the orange bat outline against a gray building. It immediately draws my attention because the fire orange stands out against the dark background. It is the focal point for the poster and draws the attention of the viewers. Another contrast is the white font of the title with the dark gray background and the black bat behind the font.


The visual elements repeated on this poster is the font size of the actors names listed in a linear line. They are all printed in capitalized letters. The first names are with smaller font while the last names are a larger size font and in bold. This repetition gives a clean appearance and does not distract from the focal point.


The layout of the poster alignment is a classic center.  From the caption at the top, to the images in the middle, and down to the movie credits at the bottom. The line lengths are the similar. The title is the shortest length and it stands out from the other lines. The organization gives a great appearance.


The text at the bottom of the poster is grouped together. The actors names and titles are spaced out a little, but the text at the bottom is all related to each other. It provides the important information about the movie: the title, actors names, and production information. The caption at the top stands alone. It gives viewers a hint of what the movie is actually about.


The poster appropriately used dark colors to advertise the “Dark Knight” movie. The building in the background appears to be on fire and in front of the building stands Batman. The poster gives off a haunting appearance and gives an impression that the movie will be suspenseful. The choice of color in this poster is fit perfectly with the title of the movie.


The contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, and color elements contribute to the overall design to make this poster an appealing and interesting design. The fiery bat grabs your immediate attention and the use of classic alignment adds simplicity to the design.


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